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Red Deer roaring


I waited in an oak tree above the village to film and sketch the noisy neighbours this autumn. 
After spending the day well away from the village all day, they come very close in from the onset of dusk.
They are mostly Red deer with deep bellowing roars. South of Carsaig there are a few Sikas squealing too.


"Home, Hill and Shore"

I'm getting ready for an Exhibition at The Archway Gallery in Lochgilphead.
It'll be a joint exhibition with Caroline Hunter.

I filmed this young male otter cub on Boxing day. 



Wow, I haven't talked so much since .... last Artmap!

Thank -you all who made the trip to the Studio. Good to invite people into my normally solitary space.
Great to have space to display my work in the old stable this Summer. Thank you Colvin for clearing out the brewing kit.



Exhibition on Isle of Gigha

Shorelines exhibition at
Gigha gallery
15 October 2011 - February 2012
Four Artists from Tayvallich   -  Jane Smith   Caroline Plummer  Libby Anderson  Susan Berry.
You are welcome to join us at the preview on Saturday 15 October from 2-4pm then from 7-9pm with music, wine and cheese.
hourly ferries -
That was fun! A beautiful friendly Island. Lots of otters too especially on the west.
There are still two of my paintings left on Gigha.......


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